THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers — Sharon's Secrets Are About to Be Revealed!

Yr mariah sharon


A house of cards is falling apart in these spoilers from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS!

Mariah regretfully informs Sharon, “I know I tried to be the voice or reason last night, but everything that you’ve been worried about is all coming true.” Will Patty’s interference lead to the revelation of Sully’s true paternity? Are the secrets Sharon has tried so hard to keep finally about to come spilling out?

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After seeing Hilary’s report on Victor, Devon asks her, “Did you think you could sneak this on air without me knowing, or did you just not care?” Can she talk her way out of this one? And will she regret crossing Victor Newman?

“I’m the one who gave it to Victor,” Jack brags to Ashley. “With both barrels!” Can she talk her brother into backing down before his quest for vengeance destroys his own life?

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