THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers — Nick and Dylan Clash Over Baby Christian!

Yr dylan nick


Things are about to take a violent turn in these spoilers from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS!

Chelsea updates Chloe on the situation with Sharon, Nick, and Dylan. “If they can’t find a kind way to resolve all this,” Chelsea muses, “It’s gonna get ugly.” But it may already be too late for that as a furious Nick yells at Sharon and Dylan, “Get out of my way — I’m gonna see my son.” But Dylan gets physical, pushing Nick back and warning, “No, not like this, you’re not.” How far will Nick go to get his baby boy back?

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Meanwhile, Phyllis confirms that Jack plans to leak new information on Newman to GC Buzz. “Tonight,” he confirms. “By morning, Victor won’t know what hit him.” But will Jack’s quest for vengeance backfire and destroy his own life?

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