THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers — Chloe's Secret is Exposed!

Yr chloe exposed


The truth must be faced in these spoilers from today’s THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS!

Chloe runs into Chelsea, and the old friends catch up. But then Chelsea notices something unusual in Chloe’s bag. “What’s with the sippy cup?” she asks. “Is that how you take your coffee to go these days?” Will Chloe come clean about her daughter?

At the police station, Dylan insists, “Adam is innocent. So I’m gonna see this investigation through, with all due respect.” But Paul reminds him, “I’m the one who gives the orders here!” Will he pull Dylan off the case?

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Meanwhile, at the prison, Adam continues to crumble behind bars, so a visiting Michael urges him to seek support from his wife. “You and Chelsea,” he warns, “either you get through this together… or you don’t get through it at all!”

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