THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers — Victor Causes Chelsea to Snap!

Yr upset chelsea


People are reaching their breaking points in these spoilers from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS!

When Victor appears in her office, Chelsea can't take much more. “Haven’t you stolen enough from me?” she exclaims, tears in her eyes. But Victor counters by promising, “I’m not here to take. I’m here to give.” What does he have in mind?

Ashley looks on with disapproval as Billy takes shots with scantily-clad bikini models while photographing them for a new campaign. How much lower will he sink?

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Jack decides to take Colin up on his offer to tell him what he knows about Phyllis and throws a wad of cash his way. “Answer me, Colin,” he growls as he approaches him menacingly. Will Colin reveal the truth?

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