Y&R's Bell Talks The Web!


Soap fans rejoiced when word spread that the cancelled ABC dramas ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE would find a new home on the Internet thanks to Prospect Park. "I was brought up on TV, so if I had an option, I'd watch shows on TV," admits THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' *Lauralee Bell *(ex-Christine). "But I watch my kids, and they grab their computer when they want to watch something. It's funny. It's a whole different mentality today. I talk to so many people who watch Y&R now on the Internet."

Bell knows something about what she speaks. After all, not only is she the daughter of one of the pioneers of daytime, the late Y&R and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL creator William Bell, but she's spent the last couple of years exploring the Internet by launching two Web series, FAMILY DINNER and JUST OFF RODEO. "Do I think soaps have this brand new survival by being on the Internet? Absolutely!" she declares. "For all we know, they may get a different kind of viewer or bigger viewership. It's trial and error at this point. I know a lot of people who have a TV in the same room their computer is, and they're watching a lot of stuff off their computer."

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