What You Missed On Yesterday's B&B!

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Due to issues between CBS and Time Warner, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL are not currently being aired in several markets. To help those impacted, we'll be offering daily recaps.

Wednesday, August 14

Brooke confronted Donna about why she chose not to reveal Katie's plan to spy on her and Bill. Donna thought Brooke might now have a future with Bill, but Brooke insisted that wasn't the case. Brooke called Katie and let him know that Bill was in Monte Carlo with her. She told her sister to come there, immediately, to salvage her marriage. Katie felt furious to find out that Bill had run straight to Brooke. She told Brooke that she won; she could have Bill. Bill later insisted to Brooke that he was finished with Katie and wanted a future with her, instead. Distressed, Brooke ran away from him. Bill ran after her, chasing her through Monte Carlo. Maya began to immediately regret her night with Carter after she read the several apologetic texts from Rick. Faced with the harsh reality of what she had done, Katie knew that she was now suffering the consequences. Maya was grateful for Carter's support the night before, even though it did not go as far as he might have liked. As Carter awaited (he hoped) another romantic evening with Maya, she and Rick reconciled.

Will Rick discover Maya's indiscretion? Has Katie truly destroyed any hope of salvaging her marriage? Share your opinions in the comments!