What You Missed On Yesterday's B&B!

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Due to issues between CBS and Time Warner, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL are not currently being aired in several markets. To help those impacted, we'll be offering daily recaps.

Thursday, August 8

Katie was pleasantly surprised when Bill unknowingly passed the two tests that she set up for him by not drinking the alcohol she had left out. Bill told Brooke he was determined to win Katie back. After observing Bill and Brooke, a tearful and grateful Katie decided she would forgive Bill and take him back. Bill urged Brooke to go to a media festival in Monte Carlo, and Brooke convinced Donna to join her. After Brooke left, Bill discovered the surveillance cameras Katie had hidden around the house. Knowing how Caroline has been manipulative in the past, Maya grew concerned about how closely Rick has been working with her. From their basement offices, Thomas and Thorne conspired to oust Rick as president of Forrester Creations.

How do you think Bill will react to Katie's scheme? Will Thomas and Thorne's plan to oust Rick succeed? Sound off in the comments!