What Do You Think Should Be Included In The Smithsonian Daytime TV Collection?


The Smithsonian has begun gathering items for its collection of iconic items from daytime television for the National Museum Of American History, starting with the gown and shoes worn by Susan Lucci (ex-Erica, ALL MY CHILDREN) after her memorable Emmy win, as well as items from JEOPARDY and BARNEY. You can watch a video of the presentation below including Lucci's emotional speech. The next soap item donated was announced by Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) during the most recent Daytime Emmys: The wedding worn by Nikki during her wedding to Victor.

The Smithsonian is creating a wish list of items that currently include the DAYS OF OUR LIVES hourglass, the AMC opening book, Barnabas' cape, ring and cane from DARK SHADOWS as well as memorabilia from daytime talk shows, children's shows and more. But they are aware that nobody knows daytime better than its fans, so they're looking for your input on what their collection should include. Put your ideas in the comments or send NATAS a message via the Daytime Emmy Awards' official Facebook page!