Watch Out Kevin And Chloe: Here Comes Angelina!


On THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Kevin and Chloe's on-again/off-again romance will soon meet a new snag in the form of Angelo's daughter Angelina, played by Diana DeGarmo! The AMERICAN IDOL Season 3 runner-up debuts on Monday, October 31. Y&R executives spotted DeGarmo when she was performing in Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this year. "The next thing I knew, I got a call asking me if I wanted to play a 'Jersey girl' on Y&R," says DeGarmo. "Well, duh! Who wouldn't?! I can't tell you how nice everyone [here] has been to me."

The role is recurring, but viewers definitely can expect Angelina to make her mark in Genoa City. "I'm your weekly pot-stirrer," she chuckles. "I'm definitely spicing things up! Angelina is getting into a bit of shenanigans and trouble along the way, just to make sure people are on their toes."

Watch for Angelina to take a liking to Kevin -- and that's going to make Gloria's son, understandably, a little nervous given Angelina's domineering dad. "Angelina may have a little bit of a crush on Kevin and she is not afraid to show it," the actress/singer previews.

Will Angelina show up in a colorful outfit since she arrives on Halloween? "I do have a costume, but the beauty of it is, at the same time, I don't have a costume," she hints. "I'm going to have to leave it at that!"