Walk Down Genoa City's Memory Lane!


Before CBS' new daytime chatfest, THE TALK, debuts on Monday, October 18, the network will air encores of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS at 2:00 p.m. EST, during the week of October 11. The powerful episodes selected to air are emotionally relevant to storylines currently unfolding in Genoa City and include:

Monday, October 11: The 36th Anniversary episode from March 2009
Tuesday, October 12: Billy & Chloe's wedding from April 2009
Wednesday, October 13: The New Year's Eve episode from December 2009
Thursday, October 14: Michael & Lauren's wedding from December 2005
Friday, October 15: Merry-Go-Round/House Of Mirrors from May 2010

And since new episodes will air as scheduled in the soap's regular timeslot all week long, it's a double dose of Y&R!