Today's The Day For Bell's FAMILY DINNER!


Today, Monday, November 15, Lauralee Bell (ex-Christine, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) launches the fifth webisode of her award-nominated cyberseries, FAMILY DINNER! You can watch it right now at! In addition to the regular cast, the webisode will feature several well-known guest stars, including the legendary Shirley Jones (ex-Colleen, DAYS OF OUR LIVES).

"At this point in my life and career, I love trying new things," Jones says of her guest appearance on the webisode. "The experience was wonderful. I had just come from two concerts, one in Ohio and one in Pittsburgh, and my manager picked me up at the airport and drove me right to the set. I was a little tired!" she recalls with a laugh. "I had very little time to learn my lines, but Lauralee made it so easy for me."

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