THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Bonus Scene — Katie Confesses Her Shocking Plan For Brooke!

Bb katie


Katie reveals her secret plans for Brooke in this bonus clip from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

In this scene, which was not shown in the U.S. airing of the soap, Katie explains to Eric why she wants her sister to come work for Spencer Publications. In addition to the spark Brooke will bring to the often stodgy company, Katie is hoping to set up her sibling with some of the eligible bachelors in the building.

Of course, seeing as how Katie’s husband, Bill, runs Spencer and Brooke has a romantic history with him, she might come to regret her decision! (When a man catches her eye, Brooke doesn't always care so much if they're single...) What does Eric think about Katie’s grand scheme? Watch the clip and see!