THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Bonus Scene — Maya Makes a Heartfelt Confession

Bb maya


Maya opens her heart in this dramatic bonus scene from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

Nicole reassures her sister that she has no regrets about agreeing to act as her surrogate, admitting that she suspects she’s having a boy. While Maya understands that, she adds that it doesn’t stop her from feeling terrible that she and Rick asked her to go through this.

Although Rick would’ve been fine with adopting, Maya selfishly wanted to give him a baby of his own. She confesses that as a transgender woman, it has always been important for her to be like other women.

Although in the end, she reached an epiphany and realized she didn't have to go through all that. “Because what I really wanted was so much more simple than I thought,” she explained. “It’s love.”

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