THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Preview — Wyatt Finds Liam With Quinn!

Bb liam quinn wyatt


This is the episode of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL you can’t miss!

Stunned to find Liam in his mother’s home, Wyatt reels as his mother begs him to listen to her explanation. “Do you want to lose everything?” she asks. “Because I don’t!” And as Steffy admits to herself that Liam isn’t coming home because he no longer loves her, Quinn defends her plan to keep the amnesiac away from his friends and family.

“I finally have somebody who makes me glad to wake up in the morning,” Quinn declares, “and I am not going to give that up — not even for you!”

Will Wyatt listen to his mother and keep his mouth shut about Liam’s whereabouts or risk his marriage to Steffy by bringing Liam back into their lives? Check out this thrilling tease for today’s episode, and for more B&B preview, keep reading the CBS edition of Soaps In Depth magazine!