THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Adam Gregory and Wife Announce They're Having a Baby Boy!

Adam sheridan gregory berg

Steven Bergman

Adam Gregory (ex-Thomas, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) announced that he and his wife, Sheridan, were expecting another baby back in December, but now they can finally reveal that they’re having a boy!

Over on her blog, Sheridan declared that they “are beyond excited to welcome another little boy into our family!”

Despite being told there was a 99% chance they were having a boy earlier in the pregnancy, the couple wanted to wait until they were 100% sure before making the official announcement. And their three-year-old son, Kannon, is just as excited as his parents about the new addition to the family!

“He is already so sweet about his baby brother,” said Sheridan. “He’s named his baby brother ‘veggies,’ and if we refer to him as anything else, he gets very upset. Let’s all hope that he stays this sweet even after baby brother is born!”

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