Is Hope Returning to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL? — See What Kim Matula is Doing Now!

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Recent mentions of the character on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL have left some fans wondering, is Hope returning? In daytime anything is possible, but sadly, even if the character returns to Los Angeles, it’s unlikely Kim Matula will be playing the role again.

The character of Hope was born in 2002, and played by a series of child actors, including Rachel and Amanda Pace, before being aged to a young woman when Matula took over the role in 2010. However, after five years on B&B, the actress decided to leave, making her final appearance in December of 2015. Since that time, Matula has made brief guest appearances in two episodes in 2015 and one in 2016.

Back in August of 2015, Matula shared a throwback pic to the time Hope had a bad fall and admitted to fans she would not be returning to B&B. “I’m still exploring another side of life! However, it truly means a lot that you miss her so much!”

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Since leaving B&B, Matula has found success starring as Tiffany, one of the “bachelorettes” on season two of Lifetime’s hit series, UNREAL. And then revealed that she’s working on a brand new film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

Fighting With My Family is an upcoming comedy/drama based on the life of WWE superstar Paige and will star Johnson as himself, alongside Lena Heady, Nick Frost, and Vince Vaughn. Matula will be playing Jeri-Lynn in the film.

“Taking a break in the ring,” Matula joked on Instagram. “Moments before I dropped my phone on my face. JK… or am I?”

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Although Matula didn’t share any photos of herself in costume in the ring, she reported really enjoying filming in London. “You guys,” she wrote, “this was a seriously incredible experience. I can’t wait for everyone to see this movie!”

The actress also declared she was "beyond excited" to be cast in the FOX comedy series LA -> VEGAS where she stars opposite Dylan McDermott as a flight attendant.

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So while it’s wonderful that Matula has found success after B&B, unfortunately for her fans, it rules out a long-term return to the soap. While she might be willing to make the occasional appearance as she has the past couple years, if B&B wants to bring Hope back onto the canvas full-time, they’re going to have to recast the role.

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