ROOM 8 Gets Real!


A plotline from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL is about to become reality as the Web series-within-a-soap, ROOM 8, makes its debut on Thursday, August 8 at!

B&B characters Maya and Carter were cast as the leads on the Web series, and now fans can watch the show for real! Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) plays struggling artist Lance while Karla Moseley (Maya) plays unemployed business analyst Scarlett, who are forced to become reluctant roommates. ROOM 8 co-stars Sean Whalen as Randy the Landlord, Deborah S. Craig as Missy and Ross Kiddor as Dex.

"The proliferation of new platforms allows us to extend the B&B storyline in ways never before imagined, allowing viewers to dig deeper in to the lives of our characters," says Bradley P. Bell, executive producer and head writer of B&B. "We are proud to be the first in daytime television to create this extended story arc in which the works of fictional characters come to life in a separate series and we will continue to look for new ways to engage with our audience."

So you can watch Maya and Carter working on their Web series over on B&B, then click on over to to see the fruits of their labors. The show doesn't debut until Thursday, August 8, but you can watch a sneak peek below!