Relive Some Classic Soap Scenes With New E-Book!


Alina Adams has done it again! The New York Times best-selling author of AS THE WORLD TURNS and GUIDING LIGHT tie-ins Oakdale Confidential, The Man From Oakdale, and Guiding Light: Jonathan's Story, has just released her latest soap opera-themed tome, Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule Of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments. The enhanced E-book -- which can be obtained by downloading the free Kindle app from to any Internet-enabled device -- will allow readers to have a truly interactive experience as they read about 45 of daytime drama's greatest moments as voted on by industry insiders and fans alike.

"People sent me by E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter their memories of the scenes that meant so much to them. Then I went to the actors, writers, and producers who had been part of those scenes to ask them how they came together," Adams explains of how the compilation came together.

In the book, readers can hear Linda Dano recount playing Felicia's intervention on ANOTHER WORLD, Eden Riegel relate her memories of Bianca declaring her sexuality on ALL MY CHILDREN, Michael Corbett regaling the tale of David Kimble's death on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS by trash compactor and more... and then click on provided links provided to see video clips, leave comments, or find out what the actors are doing now. "You can read about the scene, watch the scene, and contact the actor and [share] your thoughts!" Adams enthuses. "In that way, the book will not become stagnant because all of those pages will be constantly updated."

Having spent 30 years watching all of the great serial dramas that have come and gone, as well as those still on the air, Adams promises that there will be a little of something included for every fan. "There's a lot of talk about where soaps went wrong and what can we do to fix them. Those are completely legitimate questions and things that people should be asking in order to save and reinvent the genre," maintains Adams, who has also penned a slew of mystery and romance novels. "But I also wanted to talk about what soaps did right and ask: what were these moments that really had people glued to their TV sets? Because sometimes we can learn a lot from [identifying] and emulating that."

Soap Opera 451 retails for $9.99 and is text-to-speech and lending enabled. You can purchase the book here, and find out more about the author at And to learn how her history as a soap fan led to a career in the industry, keep your eyes open for a Look Who's Watching feature in an upcoming issue of Soaps In Depth!