NATAS Adds Younger Categories Back!


Earlier today, Soaps In Depth reported that the National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences had decided to not present the awards for Outstanding Younger Actor and Actress at the Daytime Emmy Awards banquet on Saturday, June 23, and that they would instead be doled out at the Creative Arts ceremony on Sunday, June 17. The decision was universally panned, from producers to behind-the-scenes crew members and veteran daytime stars to the younger actors' own representatives left disappointed by the NATAS revelation. In Depth has learned that many actors (and not just from both the shunned Younger categories) threatened to boycott the Awards, and at least one very excited Younger nominee had already secured tickets to attend the ceremony with their family.

NATAS has yet to comment on either the initial decision to not include the Younger categories at the June 23 banquet, or the reversal. Since these young men and ladies deserve to have their shining moment just as much as those actors nominated in the Supporting and Lead, we are thrilled to learn that NATAS has changed their minds.