Is "Good Rick" Here To Stay?

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Love will do funny things to people. In the case of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Rick, it's turned the onetime tyrant into a regular teddy bear! Six months ago, no one could have anticipated the change that would come over this headstrong businessman as a result of his love for Maya, least of all, his portrayer, Jacob Young! Why was Rick so readily able to accept Maya's secret past when he gave his last wife, Caroline, her walking papers for hiding her secret attraction to Ridge? In Young's mind, there's a clear distinction:

"When someone cheats on Rick, his whole house of cards comes tumbling down around him," explains the actor. "Maya wasn't sleeping with somebody else or fantasizing about somebody else [the way Caroline was]. It was an entirely different scenario, in which she was holding something back that was very personal."

Has falling for Maya taught Rick any lessons about the right way to treat another human being, or will his history of power-tripping at other people's expenses eventually resurface? Young weighs in on that topic in the latest issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale now!