Gaskill Speaks!


What's in the mind of an artist? Actor/director/poet Brian Gaskill (Dylan, GUIDING LIGHT; BJ, AS THE WORLD TURNS; Oscar, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) wants you to know! The bard has recorded Make It Real, a downloadable collection of 21 of his personal works. "I recorded it a few weeks ago, and I'm very excited about it," Gaskill offers of his eclectic collection. "Its a very real and raw look into my life and life in general... It's about me, but when you are being real as an artist, hopefully you are holding up a mirror and [reflecting] the reader too."

Gaskill has been putting his thoughts -- both dark and light -- on paper for years. Why make his poems public now? "I very much enjoy reading [my work] aloud in coffeehouses, etc.," Gaskill explains. "In fact, the first poem in the collection, "M Street," is named after a place I read at once a month [in Sherman Oaks, CA]."

To preview and download Make It Real for yourself, visit To catch Gaskill performing live as part of M Street Coffee & Gallery's The Spoken Poem open mic night, turn out on Thursday, March 15, (and the third Thursday of every month) at 6:30 p.m. You can find more information on that here.