Excuse Them!


Wondering how to spend your Friday? How about catching a movie? Excuse Me For Living, the new comedy starring Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan, GUIDING LIGHT), Ewa da Cruz (Vienna, AS THE WORD TURNS), Melissa Archer (Natalie, ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Tonja Walker (Marie, GL) and David Gregory (Ford, OLTL), premieres today at the Laemmle Town Center in Encino, CA.

And don't worry, on the off chance you can't make it out to California, it's still playing in limited release throughout the country, plus you can catch the flick On Demand or on iTunes starting today! For details about the show visit http://www.excusemeforliving.net/ and a complete list of theaters can be found at ://www.excusemeforliving.net/showtimes/.

"It's really going to be fun," assures Walker of the premiere. "Party and people and tons of celebrations and celebrities! I want to see all my fans there and all my friends there and everybody I don't even know there!"

You heard the lady! Get your tickets while you can!