Ex-Y&R Star Tackles Social Issue In Primetime

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Monica Potter, who was Y&R's first Sharon back in 1994, is dealing with a social issue storyline on the primetime serial PARENTHOOD. Her character, Kristina Braverman, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and while the ordeal is understandably difficult it's also bringing her and her husband Adam (played by DIRTY SEXY MONEY's Peter Krause) closer together.

"It's an interesting dynamic that we play between them," Jason Katims, executive producer, tells Soaps In Depth. "Adam is somebody that we've seen as the 'go-to' person or the rock of not only his nuclear family, but also his extended family. Ultimately, [this disease is] something that deepens their connection with each other."

"I can't wait for those little moments that [happen] between them," adds Potter. "[As] the cancer progresses or gets better or doesn't — whatever the storyline is — I love the moments between [Adam and Kristina] so much. It's just ridiculous how much I feel like [Peter's] my husband. And he has said the same thing. It's kind of cool to work with someone where you just finish each others' sentences."

PARENTHOOD airs on NBC at 10:00 pm EST on Tuesdays.