Dead Man Talking

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Soap fans are used to characters coming on the canvas and exiting — sometimes by foul play. They're even used to characters returning from the dead. What they're not used to is watching a character continue to be a major presence on screen long after he has bitten the dust! Y&R's Matthew Atkinson was given this unusual tasj with his alter ego, Austin, who became the center of a murder-mystery plot when the hunk was killed during a Valentine's Day party!

"It's good and bad," he admits regarding his character's untimely death. "Soaps are notorious for having open-ended storylines, where you don't know what will happen to a character. But I don't think there's a close here... I don't think there is a door closing."

Soaps In Depth spoke to the actor about some of the shocking revelations that unfolded after Austin bit the dust! Pick up the magazine for the story!