DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Alison Sweeney Denies Endorsing Diet Products — See Her Angry Response

Alison sweeney berg

Steven Bergman

Alison Sweeney (ex-Sami, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) is speaking out against a company that’s claiming she’s endorsing their product!

“They are lying to sell their product,” Sweeney says of the makers of diet supplement Garcinia Cambogia. “I would never endorse or support a product that doesn’t believe in living a healthy lifestyle.”

The former host of THE BIGGEST LOSER has long been an outspoken advocate for healthy living, and insists she would never endorse any kind of supplement like this. “I absolutely continue to believe that the way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to eat right and work out,” she says. “And that is the kind of thing I want to share with my fans, and I continue to do so.”

Sweeney asks that fans watch her video to hear her side of the story and promises that she is not going to let this company get away with stealing her identity in this way. “They have to be stopped,” she insists, “and I, for one, am fighting back!”

Please take the time to watch. Thanks.

Posted by Alison Sweeney on Monday, March 7, 2016

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