DAYS Does Probst!


Forty-seven years and 12,0000 episodes provide a lot of memories, and THE JEFF PROBST SHOW will celebrate them all with a DAYS OF OUR LIVES-themed episode airing Monday, November 5. Having grown up with the soap, Probst has a special place in his heart for it and dives into the topic as gleefully as his audience full of dedicated DAYS fans! Guests Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Drake Hogestyn (John), James Scott (EJ), Galen Gering (Rafe), and Bryan Dattilo share insider secrets, compete in a FAMILY FEUD-style trivia contest, and even stage a hilarious, impromptu soap scene with their host. Who will steal the show? Tune in to find out! Coming soon, Probst will sit down with Deidre Hall (Marlena), who recently taped her 4,000th episode of DAYS. Click here for your chance to attend the taping.