David Hasselhoff, Meet David Hasselhoff!


Could you imagine being an electrician with the same name as the legendary KNIGHT RIDER actor? Or a nurse with the same name as a professional boxer? A new CBS reality series, called SAME NAME, is giving celebrities and their namesakes the opportunity to swap lives to see how a complete stranger who just happens to share the same name live! The series will debut on Sunday, July 24, with actor** David Hasselhoff** (ex-Snapper, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) trading places with 27-year-old electrical technician/landscaper David Hasselhoff from a small town in Texas.

For one week, the star and his real-life counterpart will live in each other's houses, interact with their family, friends and co-workers and get to experience how the other David Hasselhoff lives. Other celebrities who will appear in upcoming episodes include comedienne Kathy Griffin trading places with a Georgia saleswoman, NFL star Reggie Bush spending a day in the shoes of a general contractor from Illinois, and boxer Mike Tyson swapping lives with a Michigan nurse! SAME NAME debuts Sunday, July 24, at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.