Byrne's In CRISIS!

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AS THE WORLD TURNS' Martha Byrne (Lily) is going to be in a bit of a crisis next year... as in CRISIS, the new primetime drama set to premiere midseason on NBC! The political thriller stars Gillian Anders and Dermot Mulroney, and centers around the kidnapping of a school bus of children that include the president's son.

"Great role," Byrne teased on Twitter without revealing exactly what part she will play in the series. "Details coming!" After flying to Chicago to the show's set, she reported: "Filming is going great. The cast and crew have welcomed me with open arms. Happy to be a part of the team."

We'll keep you appraised of when CRISIS is set to premiere as soon as NBC schedules a date, as well as more details on Byrne's character and her specific airdates!