Bridget's Back On B&B!

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Having lost Nick to Brooke back in the day, Bridget would certainly have a few choice words for her mother upon learning that she's stealing Bill away from her sister, Katie! So it's a good thing that Bridget's on her way back to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL! According to Zap2it, Ashley Jones is on her way back to shoot about three or four episodes.

"There's some fun stuff with Bridget's mom [Brooke]," Jones told the site. "I specifically didn't want to go back for a wedding or a funeral. I feel like this is too cool a character to come back and just sit in the background."

A rep for the show confirms that Jones will first appear on Wednesday, May 22. There's no telling at this time, though, whether or not this could turn into a longer stint with the soap.