Big Changes for THE BAY!


Hot on the heels of its first Emmy nomination, popular Web soap opera, THE BAY, has just added this year's Daytime Emmy's show runner, Gabriel Gornell, to its staff. "With his success in this years Daytime Emmys, we're excited to have Gabriel join THE BAY as an executive producer," announced the drama's creator, Gregori J. Martin. "We are certain Gabriel is going to be a wonderful asset to our family!" In addition to serving as the chief creative officer for LocoDistro (Locomotive Distribution, Inc.), Gornell's other recent accomplishments include You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Kills You (Lionsgate's upcoming, hip hop horror flick for which they partnered with Spike Lee), and developing, producing and distributing numerous other TV and film projects. Gornell's slated to begin working on the show's third season, which airs in October, but you can catch THE BAY's summer special, DARKSIDE OF THE BAY, starting Thursday, August 9.