Baby Brouhaha

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We know where the characters on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL stand on the very divisive topic of Nicole's surrogacy, but what does her alter ego, Reign Edwards, think about the storyline that's certain to change the character's trajectory from here on out? We recently caught up with the eighteen-year-old actress to talk about her on-screen pregnancy, and were surprised to discover that, in many ways, she's been gearing up for this storyline for years! That's not to say she was expecting her character to wind up pregnant less than a year since her B&B debut.

"It was definitely pretty shocking," she says, "but first, and foremost, I was really excited because it gives the storyline — and my character — so many exciting possibilities."

From onetime blackmail queen to selfless surrogate, Nicole has come a long way since she first arrived on Rick and Maya's doorstep.

"Now that Nicole has made peace with Maya, you can really see her as someone more than the manipulative schemer she was at the beginning," says Edwards. "I think it comes through most often in scenes with Zende, where you can really see how goofy she can be. I love that, because I'm really just this awkward, goofy person, too." Edwards reflects on how she, too, has grown (both personally and professionally) in our latest issue, which is on sale now!