THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers — Steffy Makes a Heartbreaking Confession!

Bb ridge steffy


Things are about to change forever in these spoilers from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

As Wyatt warns Liam to stay away from his wife, Steffy confesses to Ridge, “I love Liam. And I never stopped.” Is Wyatt right to fear that this is the beginning of the end for his marriage?

When the rest of the Forresters react badly to Eric rehiring Quinn to work with them, the patriarch explodes, informing his family, “You will respect me! All of you!” Will they respect his authority, or might they stage a coup to unseat Eric as CEO?

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Things are starting to heat up between Thomas and Sasha. “Even I’m not that irresistible,” he remarks. But it doesn’t look like she agrees!

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