THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers — Liam and Steffy Make a Big Decision About Their Relationship!

Bb steffy liam


One couple takes a step forward while another seems to be going backwards in these spoilers from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

Now that Steffy is free of Wyatt, Liam thinks it’s time they take their relationship to the next level. “You had to wait until you felt free to be with me,” he says. “And now you do.” Steffy bemoans the fact that when he disappeared she worried he was never coming back at they lost so much time together. “Says the girl who made me wait,” Liam snarks, “and wait and wait and wait…” Steffy grins and teases, “Some things are worth the wait.”

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Zende continues stewing in his guilt over abandoning Nicole because she decided to carry another baby for her sister. “Why can’t I see the good in this?” he wonders aloud. “Why can’t I appreciate this tremendous sacrifice that she’s making?” Sasha complains, “She signed up for this. She sees it as some beautiful gift.” Can Zende be persuaded to see things the same way?

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