THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers — Rick Makes His Move Against Ridge!

Bb rick


The truth is finally being told in these spoilers from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

Ridge finally confesses that while he will always love Douglas and he’ll always be a part of his life, he is not the child’s father. Delighted, Rick confidently declares, “Your day of reckoning has come.” Does he finally have the ammunition he needs to unseat Ridge and take over Forrester for himself?

Thomas tries to reassure a guilt-ridden Caroline that he knows she wasn’t trying to hurt him by keeping Douglas' paternity a secret, she was just trying to protect her family. “Yeah,” she replies, “but deep down I knew it was wrong.”

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Deacon admits to Quinn he never thought Eric Forrester was “the leather and chains type.” Quinn delightedly realizes that Eric is attracted to bad girls. “I’m everything he wants in a woman,” she smiles. Could this twisted pair actually have a future together?

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