THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers — A Frustrated Rick Lashes out at Wyatt!

Bb rick angry


Eric and Quinn’s decisions are throwing Forrester Creations into chaos in these spoilers from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

Convinced that Quinn is secretly pulling Eric’s strings, Rick insists, “We don’t know the conversations that’s going on between Quinn and my father behind closed doors!” Wyatt counters, “When have you seen Eric happier than he is right now?” to which Rick replies, “Before any of us laid eyes on the two of you.” But is there anything Rick or anyone else can do to keep Wyatt and Quinn out of the Forrester family business?

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After Steffy laments that it’s taking longer to have her wedding ring tattoo removed than it did to have it inked in the first place, Liam tries to talk to Eric about how offering Steffy this CEO job is just another way for Quinn to push her and Wyatt back together. But Eric insists, “My granddaughter and I make up our own minds about everything. And her love life is hers alone.” Are Eric’s feelings for Quinn making him blind to her manipulations?

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