THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers — Quinn Makes Eric a Promise She May Not Be Able to Keep!

Bb eric quinn


Quinn struggles to keep her promise to Eric in these spoilers from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

Having learned that Katie is planning to move in next door, Quinn informs Eric, “I don’t think it’s okay for any woman to come by unannounced and spend time with my husband. Especially when they know I’m not home.” However, she insists to Eric she’s not being unreasonable and definitely not backsliding. “I am not going to show you old shades of Quinn. I don’t want to see old shades of Quinn. I made you a promise and I’m gonna keep it.” But will she really be able to keep jealousy from getting the best of her when Katie is her neighbor?

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At Stephanie’s gravesite, Ridge begs Brooke to give him another chance, arguing it’s what the late Forrester matriarch would have loved to see. “Be with me,” he declares. “Give her what she wanted.” How will Brooke respond?

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