THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers — Nicole Wants Zende Back!

Bb zende nicole


Nicole is finally fighting back on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

Having lost her boyfriend to her half-sister, Nicole realizes she will have to take drastic steps to get him back from Sasha. “If Zende and I are to have another chance together,” she muses, “she has to be out of the picture… out of L.A. and away from her family.”

Meanwhile, Sasha yells at her father, reminding Julius that she is an Avant. “And for whatever reason you’re ashamed of me and you can’t seem to love me,” she declares, “I am your daughter.”

So even as Sasha is insisting that she will never give Zende up, Nicole informs her ex that “Nicole Avant is making a comeback.” What does she have up her sleeve?

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