THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers — Maya Challenges Sasha to Prove She's Pregnant!

Bb sasha maya nicole


It’s time for Sasha to put up or shut up on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

Julius points out to Sasha that a man staying with you because you’re pregnant with his child isn’t exactly true love. She counters by declaring, “Zende and I are about to be parents. And Nicole is just going to have to deal with it!”

When Maya learns about Sasha’s claims she immediately suspects that it’s just a ploy to keep Zende from running back to Nicole. With her sister by her side, Maya confronts Sasha and insists she take a pregnancy test right then and there!

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Thomas approaches Ridge with a proposition. “I’d like to have him for the evening,” he requests. “A few uninterrupted hours with my son.” Ridge bristles and immediately warns, “Don’t say ‘My son.’” Will Thomas be completely shut out of his son’s life?

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