THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Heather Tom and Don Diamont Reveal Their First Impressions of Each Other!

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John Paschal/

Marital strife (and a blonde by the name of Brooke) might be testing THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Bill and Katie this summer, but their portrayers, Don Diamont and Heather Tom, share a professional bond that isn’t so easily broken.

After all, they’ve known each other for almost three decades, having originally worked together on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS where he played Brad to her Victoria. “He’s been one of my favorite people since way back when,” Tom says of her co-star.

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For his part, Diamont admits he was thoroughly impressed by the then-15-year-old actress, an esteem that has compounded exponentially over the years. “From the first day I saw her on set, I thought she was special,” he says. “She’s talented and fun, and while she takes her work seriously, she never takes herself seriously. We have a really good time together.”

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