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B&B Recap: Hope Takes Off!


On Monday's episode of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Hope — having seen Liam and Ivy kiss — pouted until Wyatt agreed to take her back to Los Angeles. On the plane, she finally apologized and Wyatt was, as always, accepting of her behavior. "We have to focus on our marriage," he reminded her, "and that baby inside of you is our future." But two seconds after agreeing to focus on her marriage, Hope drifted off into memories of her relationship with Liam. In Amsterdam, Liam and Ivy confirmed their love for one another and spent the night together. Rick gifted Maya with diamonds and made love to her in his office, but his mind was still on Caroline. For her part, Caroline hoped to fix things with her hubby, but that was about to get a tad more complicated. Why? Because Eric was so thrilled by Ridge and Caroline's designs, that he insisted they continue to work together!

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Y&R Recap: Adam Slips Up!


On Monday's episode of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Victoria gave birth to a baby girl with the help of Billy and Stitch. Adam continued to pretend he was Constance's grandson, Gabriel, but nearly blew it with his distaste for spinach. Luckily, Sage was on hand to help cover his gaffe. Jeff was intrigued when Chelsea offered to pay him to drop the lawsuit. "It's incredible," she told her dad, "I can actually see the dollar signs bouncing around in your head!" Jack proposed (again) to Phyllis, who accepted. While in bed, he finally admitted that there had been someone else. Good thing he didn't name names, because Phyllis joked — at least we hope it was a joke! — that she'd kill the other woman! Summer and Austin debated what to do for Thanksgiving.

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