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Y&R Recap: Things Get Ugly Between Nick & Sharon!


A heated conversation with Avery left Sharon realizing she needed to find a lawyer, pronto, because Nick was going to pursue custody of Faith. Crossing paths with Dylan, Sharon expected that he'd jump aboard the bus under which everyone in town seemed to want her thrown, but he was surprisingly sweet and supportive. Moments later, however, she had another conversation with Nick, who said that if she thought for even a second that he had any love left in his heart, she was crazier than she'd ever been! Forewarned being forearmed, Sharon called David Sherman and asked him to represent her in the coming fight. Drowning his sorrow with free drinks (the joy of owning a bar... um, and being rich), Nick looked up when someone entered and wondered why the mystery person was there.

Having overheard Avery and Joe talking about the kiss he'd planted on her, Dylan warned his rival that he'd made things personal. Michael met with a new doctor, but refused to allow Kevin to stand by his side in support. Both dealing with family issues, Kevin and Mariah bonded over coffee. Michael and Lauren later got together at the GCAC, where she questioned exactly why he had been so randy of late. (Our advice... um, sit back and enjoy it, honey!)

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B&B Recap: Bill Punches Ridge!


As the fashion preview was about to begin, Ridge got still more notes from Rick. When Ridge stormed into Rick's office, Maya was, of course, there to butt into the resulting argument. (Sidenote: Maya told Rick that she was nervous, having never done a couture show before. So for those paying attention, Rick made a couture fashion house's lead model someone who has never done a single couture show. Brilliant move, dude!) The more Maya spoke, the more Ridge fumed. When she finally left to get ready for the fashion show, Ridge snarkily said, "You go ahead and break a leg!" Ridge begged Rick not to throw away what he has with Caroline, but his efforts were for naught. In the end, Ridge asked that Rick give Caroline five minutes after the show. "Let her have her say," he begged. "You owe that to her. You owe it to yourself."

Bill talked to Caroline to get his niece's side of the story. "I really want to understand how much Forrester took advantage of my daughter," said Bill, realizing he'd made a bit of a Freudian slip and adding, "my niece." Caroline tried talking her uncle down, but he declared, "You may have married Rick, but you are a Spencer," and that meant Ridge wasn't going to get away with having used her. Tracking Ridge down, Bill declared, "We've got some business." Labeling Ridge a predator who uses-and-abuses women, Bill warned him to stay away from Caroline. When Ridge suggested that Bill might be at least in part responsible for the mess given that he had Ridge dumped from a helicopter, Bill all but laughed in his face. "Will you stop freakin' crying about that?" Bill said before proving his intention to protect both Caroline and Katie by slugging Ridge!

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Y&R Recap: Colin Blackmails Devon!


Having caught Devon smooching Hilary, Colin demanded $2 million to keep his trap shut. Conveniently enough, Neil arrived and thought the scoundrel should join them all for dinner! Word spread about Victoria having had the baby, and everyone was thrilled. Heck, even Victor was relatively supportive (when not trash-talking Billy, of course). Nikki pointed out that either Stitch or Billy would be forever tied to Victoria, but Victor declared neither man was worthy. Victoria's doctor suggested it was time to answer the big question: Who's the daddy? Jack seemed ready to tell Kelly about his having gotten re-engaged to Phyllis (although he probably wasn't going to mention the whole "and-we-celebrated-by-having-sex" thing), but she was called away to deal with her mom's medical crisis.

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B&B Recap: Katie Unleashes Bill On Ridge!


Eric and Rick agreed that Ridge and Caroline's designs were downright gorgeous. In fact, Rick suggested they should sell for about as much as a two-bedroom condo in Brentwood. Ridge, of course, immediately realized that Rick was trying to sabotage the line. Caroline begged Rick to get past his anger and work on their marriage, but he wasn't much interested in doing that. Katie and Bill had a nice catch-up session, during which she filled him in on everything that had been going on in her life. You know, stuff like "the baby is fine" and "my husband-to-be seduced your niece for his own purposes." Needless to say, Bill did not take that last development particularly well. In fact, Bill stormed right over to Forrester so he could confront "the Sultan of chiffon." It just so happened that he arrived in time to find Ridge comforting Caroline with a hug, setting the stage for an explosive confrontation... and today's cliffhanger!

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B&B Recap: Hope Takes Off!


On Monday's episode of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Hope — having seen Liam and Ivy kiss — pouted until Wyatt agreed to take her back to Los Angeles. On the plane, she finally apologized and Wyatt was, as always, accepting of her behavior. "We have to focus on our marriage," he reminded her, "and that baby inside of you is our future." But two seconds after agreeing to focus on her marriage, Hope drifted off into memories of her relationship with Liam. In Amsterdam, Liam and Ivy confirmed their love for one another and spent the night together. Rick gifted Maya with diamonds and made love to her in his office, but his mind was still on Caroline. For her part, Caroline hoped to fix things with her hubby, but that was about to get a tad more complicated. Why? Because Eric was so thrilled by Ridge and Caroline's designs, that he insisted they continue to work together!

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Y&R Recap: Adam Slips Up!


On Monday's episode of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Victoria gave birth to a baby girl with the help of Billy and Stitch. Adam continued to pretend he was Constance's grandson, Gabriel, but nearly blew it with his distaste for spinach. Luckily, Sage was on hand to help cover his gaffe. Jeff was intrigued when Chelsea offered to pay him to drop the lawsuit. "It's incredible," she told her dad, "I can actually see the dollar signs bouncing around in your head!" Jack proposed (again) to Phyllis, who accepted. While in bed, he finally admitted that there had been someone else. Good thing he didn't name names, because Phyllis joked — at least we hope it was a joke! — that she'd kill the other woman! Summer and Austin debated what to do for Thanksgiving.

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Making A BOLD Move?


Is Kelly Thiebaud jumping ship as GENERAL HOSPITAL's Britt to tackle the role of Steffy on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL?

While ABC does not comment on actor contracts, sources tell Soaps In Depth that Thiebaud had opted not to sign a new deal with GH, and has been on recurring status with the soap until her character could ultimately be written out. Rumor has it that B&B swooped in and made the actress an offer she couldn't refuse!

Alas, the rumor is exactly that, and nothing more. A spokesperson for the CBS soap tells In Depth that there is no truth to it, and that Thiebaud will not be joining the cast of B&B as Steffy Forrester.

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Davidson Back On Set At DAYS!


Eileen Davidson just can't slow down! The soap-hopping actress, who is currently playing THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Ashley, is now back on set at DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Kristen in what the soap is calling a "can't miss" storyline set to air in early next year! And this is in addition to her real life being taped as one of the newest cast members of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS!

When last we saw Kristen, she had abducted Theresa as part of a twisted plot to have Brady's baby. Of course, as you'll notice in the photo NBC released of Davidson on set at DAYS posted with this article, she doesn't look particularly pregnant. Since DAYS tapes so far in advance, could Kristen be returning to Salem with a little bundle of joy? Unfortunately we'll have to wait until the spring of 2015 to find out what the next step in her crazy scheme will be! Stay tuned!

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Y&R's Linder Meets Miss Meadows


Kate Linder (Esther, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) co-stars alongside Katie Holmes in a new film premiering today in theaters and On Demand! Miss Meadows stars Holmes as a substitute teacher with a mysterious past, and Linder plays school principal Trudy Navis.

"Katie Holmes is a talented and incredibly generous actress," Linder raves, "and I am so excited to be a part of this wonderfully original film."

You can watch the trailer for this new dark comedy at and find out where you can buy tickets to see it yourself!

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What You Missed On Today's B&B!


For some viewers on the East Coast, Wednesday's episode of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL was interrupted by breaking news. You can catch the episode on or let us catch you up on what you missed!

Eric was caught off guard when he received a surprise visit from Taylor, who told him that Steffy was shell-shocked to learn that Hope had married Wyatt. She also informed him that she and Thorne were no longer an item. Eric thought he'd dodged a bullet when Stephanie's portrait remained on the wall after he gave Taylor a peck on the cheek, but when the shrink left, the picture came crashing to the floor!

Clearly uncomfortable in Ivy and Liam's presence, Hope asked Wyatt to be patient with her during this trip as she tried to come to terms with the fact that Liam was moving on. Wyatt encouraged Liam to get more game where Ivy was concerned and step up the romance. In Dam Square, Hope and Ivy took part in a glamorous photo shoot to showcase Ivy's jewelry designs, but there was clearly tension between the two women. While Ivy was in front of the camera, Liam sidled up to Hope and asked her if she was okay. She admitted she wasn't okay, seemingly admitting that she still yearned for him!

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