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It's a MELROSE PLACE reunion! Well, not really, but it's as close as we're probably gonna get. Jack Wagner (ex-Nick, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL; ex-Frisco, GENERAL HOSPITAL) stars alongside MELROSE co-stars Jamie Luner (Liza, ALL MY CHILDREN) and Rob Estes in the premiere episode of Investigation Discovery's (ID) new re-enactment series, HEARTBREAKERS. In it, he'll play an Independence, MO, preacher who famously got caught up in a deadly affair.

"I was able to step out of what people might know me as from my [previous] television roles and really play this deeply self-consumed, narcissistic, thinks-he's-God-type minister who basically controls his parish," offers Wagner of his character, David Love. "He winds up having an affair and killing the woman's husband."

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You Won't Recognize Him
When the episode airs on Wednesday, August 13, at 10 p.m. EST, look for Wagner to offer up a convincing Southern twang as part of his performance, as well as a bit of personal experience. "I'm from Missouri, which is sort of a Bible belt area, and I know people like this," he reveals. "I had to okay what I wanted to do with [the producers] because I think they were expecting to get Jack Wagner the way he normally is, and I had a whole different take on it. And they said, 'Go for it!'"

However, it was really the opportunity to reunite with old friends that led Wagner to choose this project. "Working again with Rob Estes and Jamie Luner... you know the whole project was great," Wagner smiles. "Very seldom do you run into people you used to work with, but this time it happened."

He's Not Sitting Still
Currently, Wagner is awaiting word about whether he'll be back as visiting forensic investigator Bill Avery, who sparked a romance with series star Lori Loughlin (Jody, EDGE OF NIGHT) on HALLMARK's recently renewed drama, WHEN CALLS THE HEART. In the meantime, he's touring to promote his new album, On The Porch, and you can also catch him on Sunday, November 16, at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club in Point Pleasant, NJ.

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