Boyfriend Material?


While DAYS OF OUR LIVES' conniving Jeremy didn't win any popularity contests, the character remains one that his portrayer, Trevor Donovan, is grateful for. "It made me look at the way I play a bad guy," he admits. "I realized that there is always a way to incorporate redeeming qualities into a [villain] because you really want to portray those characters as either the guy you love to hate or the dangerous guy women love!"

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Shaken Up
In Lifetime's new holiday film, A Snow Globe Christmas, Donovan takes another stab at playing a jerk. "I'm Eric, the boyfriend of a [high-powered television executive] played by Alicia Witt," the actor reveals. "He's a very self-serving, egotistical dude."

While Eric is anything but charming, the feel-good film, which airs Saturday, December 14, at 10:00 pm EST, definitely is! Accidentally knocked unconscious, Witt's character enters a surreal, snow-covered world. "In the dream, she's still married to her ex, and I'm the mayor who's making plans to tear down the forest and build parking lots." Donovan previews. "Our real personalities start to shine through."


Kid Stuff
Meanwhile, Donovan has been recurring as a much nicer guy on MELISSA & JOEY, the ABC Family sitcom featuring former child stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. On air, Melissa (the character, not the actress) reconnected with and embarked on a relationship with old pal Austin (Donovan), only to dump him when he announced that he'd had a vasectomy. "I came back for the season finale," he recaps. "I said that I'd been thinking about it, and I do want to have a family with you -- I love you!"

A Happy Ending?
Might everything change again when the story picks up in March? "My last episode is really funny," Donovan says of the season premiere. "It brought a lot of stuff together with Melissa and Joey's characters, and it was a good ending for my character too."

Having also appeared recently on THE CLIENT LIST and DROP DEAD DIVA, Donovan says he's enjoying his successful run on the cable networks. "Repeat business is a great sign," he maintains. "I feel very grateful and fortunate to keep being called back for their projects."

Is DAYS In His Future?
Fans can catch the busy guy next at the Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest, which raises funds for Waterkeeper Alliance and the US Ski And Snowboard Team, the weekend of December 6-9. Might he find time to bring his long-absent Horton character back to Salem and redeem him? "At this point, I'm looking in a different direction," he confides. "But I never say never to anything."

-- Kelli M. Larson

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