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A few producers with soap opera backgrounds have put together a pilot for SPIKE airing this weekend! THE HIRING SQUAD, which debuts on Sunday, October 27 at 11 p.m ET, takes viewers behind the scenes at the largest Midwest landscaping company, Christy Webber Landscape. Webber, the founder, is stepping down and she's letting her employees select their new boss! The pilot has soap ties — Jonathan Reiner (who wrote the soap column at TVGuide.com for many years) is executive producer/showrunner; Sarah Smith, a former writer at THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, is the SQUAD'S senior producer.

"No one seems to listen to the 99% anymore," says Justin Hochberg, SQUAD's executive producer. "Bosses say they do, but they don't. So what if you were put in charge of not only picking your boss but the entire company was? Ten years ago I worked at Microsoft and I got to hire my own boss. Now companies across America are giving 'power to the people' starting with a $30 million landscaping company that let's every employee be in charge of hiring their new boss."

You can watch an advance clip of the show above!

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