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This Saturday, July 13, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Eric Roberts (ex-Vance) and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Sydney Penny (ex-Sam) hit the beach for the UPtv original movie The Perfect Summer. And Soaps In Depth caught up with the two actors to talk to them all about it!

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Penney plays Alyssa, who has been estranged from her father, played by Roberts. "When she was very young, he became an alcoholic and lost his family, so she didn't grow up knowing him," she explains. "After her husband's death, she had really nowhere else to turn, so she had to go home and live with her father.

"It's really about these three generations getting to know each other," Penney continues. "The son is really a fish out of water who is learning to step out into life and take a risk and become a man, which he learns from his grandfather."

"He does not fit in at all," says Roberts. "And I say to him, 'Look, you wanna be hip? Let's hit the beach. You should learn to surf.' He doesn't really want to, but he does. And then he finds out that I'm an old iconic surfing legend, and he starts to kind of look up to me. And I guide him in all the right directions to help him find himself."


Best known for playing villains in countless films and TV series, Roberts enjoyed tackling a very different role. "I've actually played a lot of good guys," he reminds. "It's just my bad guys are famous. When you play a guy in like, Batman, everybody knows you played a bad guy! But it was a lot of fun to play Lou. Because he's not some old, nice grandfather type. He's a tough old guy who, if you want to do something, you've gotta do it. And I take this kid on a journey that pays off."

For a movie that was shot on location in Wilmington, North Carolina, and centered on surfing, the two leads didn't actually hit the waves! "We got out there on our first day of this shoot," Roberts says with a chuckle, "and we're all a bunch of actors with our surfboards. We showed up on the beach and there are 10-foot waves. We took one look and said, 'Forget about this!' And we went to lunch!

"I mean, we're not surfers," he adds. "It's a whole little community that I knew nothing about. But it's a real world, the surfing world. And it's very serious. These guys devote themselves to this."

For her part, Penney regrets that her mom never got to surf! "I would have!" she insists. "I would've given it a shot. I've been out a few times. Nothing bug, but I've been surfing."

AMERICAN IDOL contestant Jason Castro is also featured in the film, and contributed to the soundtrack... as did someone else very close to Roberts! "It all sounds so scripted and fake, but it's true," he smiles. "Jason Castro also sings in the movie. Well, he and my stepson, Keaton Simons, hae the same manager. Well, Jason and Keaton are on tour together. And they both have songs in the movie. This is his acting debut, and his acting coach is my wife, Eliza Roberts!" And on top of all that, Simons has a song that is set to appear on Y&R!

All the connections to daytime dramas isn't the only thing that Penny thinks soap fans will enjoy about the film. "Soap fans are the most family-oriented, so I think that's going to appeal," she muses. "But it's also very sexy. Our young leads are beautiful, and it's nice to see their romance play out. I think it will appeal to three generations. There's something for everyone."

She could also see this turn into a continuing drama. "It would be a wonderful series," Penny enthuses. "There are lots of possibilities and we all had such a fun time filming it. The community around us was so excited about it and supportive. It just feels like you want to stay in that environment as long as you can."

You can catch The Perfect Summer on UPtv this Saturday, July 13, airing at 7:00 pm , 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm EST. Check your local listings to find UPtv in your area.

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