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When the Daytime Emmy nominations were announced, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Michael Muhney (Adam) was actually on his way to the set when he found out he'd been nominated for Lead Actor. "I got a text from an old friend in high school," he reveals. "He was watching GOOD MORNING AMERICA and he cursed me for making him drop his coffee when he heard my name!"

Muhney submitted an episode where Adam had dramatic interaction with Chelsea, Victor, Phyllis and Sharon so there would be a nice blend, but doesn't expect he has much of a chance to take home the trophy on Emmy night. "I'd have to say that Jason Thompson (Patrick, GENERAL HOSPITAL) has an 80% chance of winning," he declares. "Then, it's almost a toss up between Peter Bergman (Jack) and Doug Davidson (Paul) because they delivered some fantastic stuff. I shouldn't win — and I won't — but the most humbling thing for me is to be nominated and to be mentioned with three guys who gave such stellar performances."

For more reactions from Y&R nominees Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), Billy Miller (Billy) and more, make the jump!

Hunter King (Summer) was blown away to find herself up for Younger Actress. "It's so amazing to be nominated," she says, "especially a first nomination for when I've been on the show for only nine months, it's incredible. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and to be a part of something like this."

The episode she submitted was a heart-to-heart between Summer and Phyllis where the troubled teen opened up to her mother about why she had turned into a bully. "I picked that one not only because it was a good scene that I felt showed range, but it's something I felt that so many people experience — kids going through divorce, kids taking their anger out on others... so I just felt it was something a lot of people could relate to."

This will be the final time that Bryton James (Devon) will be able to compete in Younger Actor, since he's growing out of it, but he still knows the competition is strong. "From the first time I was nominated 'til now, the field has shrank," he admits. "But the competition is great as ever. I'm so happy for Max [Ehrich, Fenmore] and everyone else." But he's hoping his performance in the episode where Devon's hearing was restored brings home another Emmy for a matched set. "Absolutely," James says. "It's an honor to be recognized, but of course you want to win. I'm a very competitive person!"

Miller submitted an episode where Jack found out that Billy had double-crossed him, and hopes that his scenes opposite Bergman help him pull of a win in the Supporting Actor category. "Peter and I work together well," Miller says. "I've known him for a long time. We look like brothers."

Stafford knew her selection had to be just right, since there's no second round anymore — the episode that gets you the nomination is the same one used to judge whether or not you win the Emmy. "It was an episode where Phyllis confronted Christine after she was let off," the actress reveals. "I really liked it. I loved how it was written and I liked what I did with it. This is my tenth nomination and is special for many, many reasons."

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