Marano Is Still Young, Still Restless!


Vanessa Marano may have left her own teen years behind, but she's still comfortable playing the angst of young people like THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Eden. In the new Lifetime Original, Restless Virgins, she's again living on the edge as a school reporter who ripped the lid off a scandal at her New England prep academy. "It's a ripped-from-the-headlines story that's also based on a book by the same name [by best-selling authors Abigail Jones and Marissa Miley]," Marano relates.

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One Fateful Decision
In it, the revelation that five senior members of the lacrosse team made a sex tape with a classmate leads Marano's character to make even more shocking decision about what to do about it. "She's a girl who doesn't thrive in the sexually explicit party scene that goes on with all these rich young teenagers who don't have a care in the world," Marano explains. "So when the scandal breaks out at the school, she seeks the opportunity to expose it as being a place of exploitation... and it completely backfires in her face!"

What will the consequences be for the boys involved, one of whom is the son of a US Senator? The actress, who plays opposite Max Lloyd-Jones (SUPERNATURAL), Charlie Carver (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) and Timothy Busfield (THE WEST WING) in the film, says it's the kind of juicy story that soap fans will enjoy. Tune in to Lifetime on Saturday, March 9, at 8 p.m. EST.

She's Switching It Up
In the meantime, Marano continues to star in ABC Family's SWITCHED AT BIRTH as Bay Kenneth, a girl with a lot of angst for the deaf teen who inadvertently wound up with her birthright. "Eden was one of my first attempts at playing rebellious teenager, and she really was a stepping stone into the world of Bay Kenneth," Marano observes. "But they are very different in the that Eden grew up in an Ashram and had an older father and then all of a sudden was left with her lawyer brother whom she didn't really know. Bay is rebellious [because] she just doesn't feel wanted and she feels like she's competing with a perfect version of the person she should have been."

There's More To Come
Having just wrapped production on another 10 episodes of the show, and with 10 more still to go, Marano is thrilled that SWITCHED AT BIRTH will be returning for a summer season. In the meantime, she's free to explore whatever comes next. "It still feels good to be portraying teenagers — I don't have the urge to be playing a cocktail waitress anytime soon," she laughs. "But hey, if someone wants to hire me as one, I'm available until April!"

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