Interview: Bundy's Back In Soaps!


It's been 11 years since Laura Bell Bundy (Marah) walked away from GUIDING LIGHT to return to the bright lights of Broadway. Having since also launched a successful career as a country music artist, the Nashville resident is now coming full circle with a new role on The CW's primetime soap, HART OF DIXIE!

Together Again!
Bundy makes her DIXIE debut tonight as Shelby, the first woman with whom George -- played by AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Scott Porter (Casey) -- goes out with following his breakup with Lemon. "I don't know if they are right for each other, but they do have a little thing," Bundy grins. While she has great memories of playing the daughter of GL's wacky Kim Zimmer (Reva), the Kentucky native says she's basing Shelby on someone a bit closer to home. "She's the younger version of my mother -- with the Southern accent, her energy, and her [enthusiasm]!" Bundy giggles. "The show's dramatic, sexy, spunky... It's young, beautiful people doing crazy, scandalous things. It's lighter and [funnier] than GUIDING LIGHT."

This isn't the first time that Bundy and Porter have crossed paths. Not only did they both do daytime TV, but he'd also been one of the finalists to play Warner opposite the Tony nominee when she was starring in the hit Broadway production of Legally Blonde. "He didn't get it, but it was the best thing that could ever happen to him because he ended up on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS within months," Bundy recalls. "He's such a sweetheart, and we've had a lot of fun together."

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But She Hasn't Given Up On Music...
Between tape dates for HART OF DIXIE, Bundy has been busy recording the final cuts for her upcoming CD, Another Piece Of Me. "I've been working with Jay DeMarcus, one of the band members of Rascal Flatts. He's [also] a great producer, and we've written a lot together this past summer," she reveals, adding that the first single from the album, "That's What Angels Do" is available now on iTunes. "Hopefully we'll have some new music out for everybody soon!"

In the meantime, Bundy is fast becoming an Internet sensation with Shocantelle Brown, one of the characters from her sketch comedy show, COOTER COUNTY (, which she says has gone viral with more than three million views on YouTube! "I'll be doing some more COOTER COUNTRY stuff for a YouTube channel called Country Now, and also producing a style show for them called OH MY COUNTRY that will be out in 2013," she says. "Because of some changeovers at my music label, I've had a little extra time to dedicate to my acting, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it!"

Don't miss Bundy's premiere on The CW's HART OF DIXIE, tonight at 8 pm. EST.

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