Miller Explores His Dark Side!


THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS fans who lament that they haven't been getting enough of Billy Miller (Billy) during the day may want to mark their calendars for Saturday, August 25, because he'll be starring in the Lifetime movie Fatal Honeymoon that evening at 8 p.m. ET/PT! But be warned -- Miller will not be playing the reformed Genoa City rogue that everyone has come to adore. Instead, he will be taking on the persona of real-life accused killer Gabe Watson, who spent 18 months in an Australian prison after pleading guilty to negligent manslaughter when his wife, Christine, died while they were scuba diving on the country's Gold Coast during their honeymoon. (Watson was later acquitted of murder charges in Alabama.)

Miller admits that it was a challenging role for him. "You are dealing with people who are still alive -- that's difficult. You have to remove yourself [emotionally] from that," he shares. "I started looking at different scenarios. What if he didn't do something and panicked because he'd never been in a situation like that before? You do what would be widely considered, especially in the south, one of the most cowardice things you could possibly do, and leave your wife [to die]. If you did that, the shame you'd feel... would you try to cover it up in a certain way?"

Still, the Emmy winner says that reading the book Erased gave him a different perspective. "It's about men throughout history who essentially erase their wives. And they often replace them with someone who resembles their former wife. This guy kind of fits that profile.

"The problem is, no one will ever really know what happened for sure," Miller adds. "I hope, if I did my job, there's this ambiguity because there's no closure in that case. Hopefully, I pulled it off. We'll see!"

Be sure to check out our feature interview with Miller in the CBS issue of Soaps In Depth currently on newsstands, for more about this ripped-from-the-headlines movie!

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