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Fiona Hutchison (Jenna, GUIDING LIGHT; Celia, AS THE WORLD TURNS; Gabrielle, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) has returned to the genre that made her famous! As the mystery woman on the Web series THE BAY (, she's been slinking around a hotel in a trench coat and seducing young Peter (played by Kristos Andrews) in an effort to gain information about her missing child.

"When I got the script, I thought, 'Oh God! I see where we're going with this: It's vixen time!" she laughs of the sexy scene. "But Kristos was a sweetie pie... I had to straddle him and do all the things you're not supposed to and he was fabulous to work with."

In last week's episode, however, the mystery woman pulled a gun on him! "That's really what makes it all work: a mother who is desperate for their child is prepared to do whatever it takes," Hutchison continues. It's a scenario that that she's played before. "Gabrielle would do anything too -- anything!" she recalls. "So I'm familiar with this sort of thing, and I've enjoyed it because my career has now covered more than a couple of years and it's fun to be given an opportunity to take something like this and try it again at another point in my life."

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What can we expect of the mystery woman next? "I think there's going to be a lot more controversy and mischief concerning this character," previews the actress, who will appear in a few more installments (the next episode debuts Thursday, May 24, at 3 p.m. ET) prior to returning for Season 3 in October to face off with Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, DAYS OF OUR LIVES), who plays Sara Garrett. Hutchison is excited to continue working with THE BAY's creator, Gregori J. Martin: she appeared in his latest film, The Southside, ( as a detective. "He knows what he wants," she explains, adding, "I love soap operas. It's a tremendous medium and I have fun doing it."

Soapy Reunion!


In the meantime, Hutchison has another exciting announcement. "I'll be at the Cape May Stage [in Cape May, NJ] doing God Of Carnage with my husband, John [Viscardi; Fr. Tony, OLTL) and Justin Deas (Buzz, GL)." The play follows two sets of parents as they attempt to handle a playground scrap between their respective sons with class and sophistication, but wind up in a hilariously uncivilized free-for-all. "It's great fun!" she laughs. "By the end of the play, I'm going to be jumping on top of John, beating him up, getting drunk, using foul language... It starts off ever-so-proper and ends up in complete disaster!"

God Of Carnage runs from Wednesday, June 20, through Friday, August 3. For more information, call (609) 884-1341, or visit

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